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Frequently Asked Questions About Escorted Vacations

Which companies offer the best tours?

We have relationships with almost every tour operator covering all 7 continents.

Are escorted tours all inclusive?

Escorted vacation inclusions vary by each tour. In most cases, optional tours are available and are not included. There also may be meals on various days which may be not included.

Will I have to wait in long lines at each tour site?

Not in most cases. Most tour companies that we recommend offer VIP passes that will get you right in with no waiting in lines.

Will I have to do a lot of walking?

Some tours are geared for people who are on the go and some are at a slower pace. If you have any walking limitations, please advise your professional Travel Consultant BEFORE you make your reservation.

Can I go to more than one destination city on my tour?

Yes. Tour operators offer both 'hub and spoke tours' as well as multiple-destination tours.

Are these tours best suited for senior citizens?

Escorted vacations appeal to ALL generations. Some cater to younger generations, some multi-generational and some senior citizens. It is important that you are matched with the tour company that best suits you and your travel companions wishes. Your professional Travel Consultant will help you with this.

Am I stuck on a bus for most of my tour?

NO. Escorted tours are very carefully designed to offer you as much time experiencing cities OFF of the coach. Typically, the coach will stop every 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Will I have any leisure time?

Yes, There is always time available for you to to have time on your own.

Is there a reason to book early?

Absolutely. Early booking savings are available and can greatly reduce your costs. Reservations can be made 1 to 1 ½ years in advance!

Can I take my whole family? Absolutely. There are many tours have family-friendly tours and experiences.

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